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Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, a grilled steak, salads, coffee and pastries, or a five-course meal crafted by a master chef, you’ll find it on the Flathead Valley’s diverse menu.  Upscale dining, ethnic restaurants, and quaint, down-home cafes await you, often within blocks of one another.

Many local restaurants are proud to serve cuisine prepared with fresh meats and vegetables raised right here in Northwest Montana, by local farmers and ranchers.  Montana-grown ingredients assure that you’re eating the freshest, most flavorful food available. 

Enjoy ethnic food?  The Flathead Valley has authentic Mexican, Italian, Thai, Chinese and Japanese restaurants, among others – even a new Mongolian grill.  And be sure to sample the bakeries for fresh breads, sweets, and sandwiches.

Our member restaurants below will help you get started on dining your way through the Flathead Valley.

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