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Horseback Riding in Northwest Montana

Saddle up for a truly Western Montana experience: Come horseback riding in Montana’s Flathead Valley.  Enjoy countless miles of trails that take you meandering through wooded forests, exploring lake shores, and sightseeing along mountain ridges and summits.  Horseback riding also provides great photo opportunities for wildlife, wildflowers and panoramic views of the Flathead Valley and majestic Rocky Mountains.

Experienced guides, trained horses and the varied terrain help provide an incredible Montana horseback riding experience.  There are horses for all levels of riding experience, from the expert to the youngster to the beginner of any age.  The wranglers take great care to match you with a horse that’s appropriate to your ability, making you feel at ease.  Most say you'll feel safer on your horse than on most city highways.

A variety of horseback riding programs are available here in Northwest Montana, and some are offered year-round.  Programs include private and group lessons, traditional day rides that vary in length, and riding events in both indoor and outdoor arenas.

Create an essential Montana adventure by contacting one of our member horseback riding specialists:

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